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Having a nervous habit of cutting people off mid-sentence is relatively common, but it could come across as intimidating "[You may be perceived as intimidating if] you find yourself chomping at the bit to say something," Dr. If you're so nervous that you can't wait to let others finish speaking, it may be worthwhile to find new ways to practice mindfulness, or even find a therapist who can help you with possible social anxiety.

Being avoided can be an incredibly lonely and upsetting feeling. If there's a pattern of people avoiding you, however, it's possible this could be due to your intimidating energy."[If you come across as intimidating,] people begin to avoid you," Dr. "[...] They do what they can to make sure you are not in a position to interact with them." Talking to the people closest to you about what kind of impression you give off may help you adjust to different social situations if you want, or need, to.

But if you find yourself in a position where you'd rather not be perceived as intimidating, there are small actions you can take to make people more comfortable.

Interfering with a witness’s testimony or cooperation in a criminal case is a criminal act that can be misdemeanor or a felony.

"Sometimes being independent, having a strong mindset and personality can come off as rude and intimidating, rubbing people the wrong way," Mendoza says.

This doesn't always mean that you should have to edit yourself.

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Eye contact is one of the most helpful clues you have when trying to understand how others perceive you.Everyone has a different level of self-awareness, and sometimes it takes a bit more digging to see whether you're really making other people feel safe around you.