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On Friday, Queen Kwong will headline Hip in Detroit's 5th Anniversary Bash at El Club.QUESTION: It seems like the first thing everyone wants to know is why you chose Detroit. "People are sometimes disappointed that there’s no revealing answer about it.It was, she’s the first to admit, an intense batch of songs.Now, as Queen Kwong steadily integrates into the local Detroit music scene, Callaway is finishing up "On the Mend," her follow-up full-length. One of the first local outlets to embrace Callaway and Queen Kwong was the Hip in Detroit online zine.No one believes Carré Callaway when she tells them why she moved here.Born in Denver, the singer-songwriter and founder of indie rock band Queen Kwong was based in L. for a decade and lived part time in several cities before she decided to settle in Detroit in 2015 with her then-fiancé (now-husband) Wes Borland, best known as the guitarist of Limp Bizkit.Now, on the eve of his 40th birthday, Borland is taking inventory, pulling the plug on Los Angeles and relocating to the Midwest, with his eye on a fresh start. is not invited to be involved with them anymore in the future, because I’m sick of it here.He still performs in Limp Bizkit, most recently making news for jokes he made about a decidedly dude-rock cruise that his band was headlining, but his mind seems set on future ventures. I really want to come up there and take part in what’s happening in Detroit and how exciting it is right now.

He has been in several other bands as well, such as The Damning Well, Goatslayer, Big Dumb Face, From First to Last and currently plays with Black Light Burns.

I’ve tried to be a little more controlled on stage, but I realized: That’s just not Christie Laabs started the Hip In Detroit music blog in 2010 because they were tired of hearing and reading so many in the scene harping on the negative aspects of Detroit.

Their interviews, reviews and features aim to showcase the positive aspects of Detroit culture, particularly its music.

Through the years, the blog broadened its scope to include the art, fashion and food scenes, while still focusing on music. The founders said their mission remains the same: building a community of positive people who inspire more art, more music and more creativity in Detroit, as well as getting more people to fall in love with the place where they live and play.

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Queen Kwong singer-guitarist Carré Callaway, the longtime L. indie-rocker, said it was important to her to be part of Hip in Detroit's 5th Anniversary Bash because the website’s two writers were the first to embrace her upon her move to Detroit.We found a litter of cats in the basement of an abandoned house, and that’s how it all started. He’s in charge of socializing the feral cats we have, so he can wind up with some scratches and bites. he cleans the litter boxes and does all the socializing, getting the cats to become purring little cuddle-babies. ("Get a Witness") was my first full-length record and it was a chaotic, bombastic, improvised stream-of-consciousness-type recording.