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This is a reference to wildfires that killed more than 50 Russians.

Putin helped fight the fires by dropping water from a plane.

According to the peace settlement, Yaroslav's son Vsevolod I married a daughter of the Byzantine emperor Constantine Monomachos. Igor swore to fulfill their request, but then reconsidered to do it.

Citizens of Kiev considered that oath-breaker is not a legitimate ruler anymore and chose to summon prince Iziaslav of Pereyaslavl to be a new prince of Kiev.

She reportedly married businessman Artur Ocheretny, who is 20 years her junior. Disappearing from the public eye Putin spent time in away from the public eye. Vladimir Putin rarely discusses his private life Vlad divorced his wife of 31 years Lyudmila infrom which he is believed to have two daughters Mariya and Yekaterina.

The pair met long before he took up the presidential role inwhich he has performed on and off while also taking on the role of Prime Minister.

Copper Riot: In the early morning, a group of Muscovites marched to Kolomenskoye and demanded punishment for the government ministers who had debased Muscovy's copper currency.

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Rus'-Byzantine War (1043): Yaroslav led an unsuccessful naval raid on Constantinople. Citizens of Kiev required him to depose old boyars of Vsevolod.

His younger brother Yaroslav of Tver had become the Grand Prince of Tver and of Vladimir and had appointed deputies to run the Principality of Moscow during Daniel's minority. His army was defeated and he was forced to flee to Kolomna.