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At the hospital as Tommy's father arrives Trish is declared dead in surgery.Time then moves forward to 1989 and Haddonfield High School students Lex Stevens, Noel Waters and Lou Markus heading down to Camp Crystal Lake for it's re-opening by inheriting proprietor Steve Christy.Pamela appears and Trish and Tommy try to plea with her for help discovering her to be Jason's mother, they flee back to the Jarvis cabin and lock themselves in.Pamela sees the still alive Chi and lectures Jason for not being efficient and after taking the machete from Jason brings it down upon Chi's head.

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As Pamela helps Tamara clean up and tells the story of her motherhood Trish gets into an argument with Claudia and Will in the main lodge cabin where the three were getting drunk together, she takes off leaving the two to then head out to the barn in search and then instead decide to have sex on Will's reasoning.

Jason takes Tommy's recreated hockey mask in his hands and kills Ross via decapitation with Tommy's father's shovel.

Tommy then speeds towards Camp Crystal Lake and is eventually pulled over and arrested by Sheriff Stevens, Lex's estranged father who is accompanied by Mr. The resurrected and Deadite controlled Jason escapes West and in the woods and returns to the cabin to which his mother had secretly kept him hidden, arming himself with a machete among various other weapons, as well as putting down his mother's decomposed head, taken from her grave.

It stars Daniel Gilchrist, Brianna Hildebrand, Tommy Dorfman, Lili Reinhart, Austin Abrams, Jacob Batalon, Jacob Latimore, Kylee Russell, Teala Dunn, David Castro, Ellie Kemper, Lindsay Duncan and Erin Moriaty.

The film begins in 1979 with Tamara Jarvis, her teenage daughter Trish and 11 year old son Tommy arriving at the Camp Crystal Lake grounds to set up for the camp's re-opening with head counsellors Martin and Eve Christy, and local hired cook Pamela Voorhees.

Tommy comes across Will and Claudia's bodies in the woods, placed in a low tree and runs back to Trish and Chi.

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