Updating boxee

07-Nov-2020 18:48

There’s also a new Settings menu, at least icons for, with pretty much the same options inside.Creator of tech AU, Jason has spent the dozen years covering technology in Australia and around the world.I’ve had a cheap 512MB drive that has been kicking around for close to ten years, and it is perfect for fitting Kodi.To setup the flash drive, I formatted it as FAT32 and labeled the drive as That’s all there is to it, just plug the flash drive into the back of the Boxee and it is good to go.The WDTV Hub works great and is still pretty stable after all of these years (except for a few built-in apps like You Tube, I wish they kept going with updates), and the Fire TV will gladly chug away, playing any video over the network.However, I had the need to have my media stream to a third television and I didn’t want to uproot an existing device and carry it from room to room. I already have a second generation Roku kicking around, but it doesn’t appear to be able to run anything other than the stock software at this time.

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First, though, go through your Boxee settings and clear any thumbnail caches, local file databases, etc.

To make things really easy, telnet to your Boxee on port 2323 using your box’s IP address (Mine is After executing the command through telnet, or through the Boxee settings page, the logo should glow red on the front of the box and you should receive on-screen instructions to perform an installation. Here, you will be prompted to install Kodi in addition to Boxee Hacks. From what I read, once you install it though the script, it can be difficult to remove, and I didn’t want to deal with the possibilities of a difficult upgrade.