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17-Jan-2020 00:48

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But after working together on programming for Oprah’s OWN Network, the friendship between the media powerhouses has dwindled — and now, they allegedly only speak to each other about business!

Photo: Oprah Shows Off Her ‘Best Body’ In “When Tyler first brought his shows to OWN in 2012, it was a love affair between the two of them…But that relationship has soured in the last six months because Oprah finds Tyler difficult to work with and he doesn’t take constructive criticism well at all.” “That’s when Oprah finally got to see a side of Tyler she hadn’t experienced yet.

The show demonstrated the family members' serious, true-to-life struggles with faith and love. This was his first rate orah miraculous of his own parents.

But he also might take down the whole Oprah brand to do it.”At the onset of the creative process, Erik Logan — OWN network president — reported that Winfrey and Perry were determined to assemble a diverse cast for the show so it would appeal to a wider audience base. Apparently Oprah was just in Atlanta congratulating Tyler on his 800th episode. Seems like some pretty convincing — and delicious — proof…Oprah Winfrey has been BFFs with Tyler Perry ever since he appeared on her show back in 2001.