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Attack vectors: APT40 typically poses as a prominent individual who is probably of interest to a target to send spear-phishing emails.This includes pretending to be a journalist, an individual from a trade publication, or someone from a relevant military organization or non-governmental organization (NGO).Attack vectors: APT38 has conducted operations in over 16 organizations in at least 11 countries.This group is careful, calculated, and has demonstrated a desire to maintain access to victim environments for as long as necessary to understand the network layout, required permissions, and system technologies to achieve its goals.We have not observed APT39 exploit vulnerabilities.

In some cases previously compromised email accounts have also been leveraged, likely to abuse inherent trusts and increase the chances of a successful attack.

Since at least January 2013, the group has conducted campaigns against a range of verticals including maritime targets, defense, aviation, chemicals, research/education, government, and technology organizations.

Overview: Fire Eye Intelligence believes that APT40's operations are a cyber counterpart to China's efforts to modernize its naval capabilities; this is also manifested in targeting wide-scale research projects at universities and obtaining designs for marine equipment and vehicles.

Government entities targeting suggests a potential secondary intent to collect geopolitical data that may benefit nation-state decision making.

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Associated malware: The group primarily leverages the SEAWEED and CACHEMONEY backdoors along with a specific variant of the POWBAT backdoor.Fire Eye pays special attention to advanced persistent threats (APT) groups that receive direction and support from an established nation state.

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