Total dating site in uk

23-May-2020 15:11

You will find yourself bombarded by spam, fake profiles, people who are lying about their age, and worst of the scourge of free dating sites - the scammers.

Like most things in life, it's quality, not quantity that's important.

We have stuck to our original philosophy of providing 100% free dating throughout all of these years.

The other huge problem with free sites is that they have no budget for, or interest in, checking the background of their members.

We truly believe we are the very best of the 100% free online dating sites.

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To put our money where our mouth is we joined the ABIA (Association of British Introduction Agencies) in 2004 and we were the very first online dating site to be accepted into this prestigious organisation.

We launched in August 1999 and here we are, celebrating our tenth anniversary.