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So for example, since the media gives so much coverage to things like gruesome and unexpected deaths, people think that you’re more likely to die in a plane crash than a car wreck, and more likely to die in an accident than from a stroke, even though in both cases that’s simply untrue, and untrue by a wide margin of error.But since such vivid deaths are at the forefront of our minds, and are easy to retrieve from our memory, we believe they happen with greater frequency than they actually do.Is folding the laundry harder than putting it away?Is installing a fan worth more than staying up with a sick child during the night?


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” Nice Guys accomplish “this seemingly impossible goal” by resorting to methods that are “controlling, manipulative, and unclear” and involve the use of what Glover calls “covert contracts.” These “unconscious, unspoken agreements,” Glover explains, “are the primary way Nice Guys interact with the world around them.Here are some ways to steer away from it: Squash the availability bias.The good news in all this, is that of the many cognitive biases that distort our thinking and decision-making, psychologists say that overcoming the availability heuristic is one of the most easily achievable.Almost everything a Nice Guy does represents some manifestation of a covert contract. Strings are strongly attached, and under the guise of doting generosity, they actually demand total reciprocity.


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They give as a way to indirectly get their needs met and in the hopes of getting something in return.2) Let you know that she’s got an equally full plate, and all the things she’s been up to.