Sudanese cam tease

08-Jun-2020 15:30

The name Sunda derives from the Sanskrit prefix su- which means "goodness" or "possessing good quality".

An example is suvarna (lit:"good color") used to describe gold. In Sanskrit, the term Sundara (masculine) or Sundari (feminine) means "beautiful" or "excellence".

The Sundanese, in contrast to the Javanese, traditionally engage in dry-field farming.

These factors resulted in the Sundanese having a less rigid social hierarchy and more independent social manners.

They number approximately 40 million, and form Indonesia's second most populous ethnic group, after the neighboring Javanese.

In their language, Sundanese, the Sundanese refer to themselves as Urang Sunda (Sundanese: ), while Orang Sunda or Suku Sunda is its Indonesian equivalent.

After the formation and consolidation of the Sunda Kingdom's unity and identity during the Pajajaran era under the rule of Sri Baduga Maharaja (popularly known as King Siliwangi), the shared common identity of Sundanese people was more firmly established.

The earliest historical polity which appeared in the Sundanese realm in the Western part of Java was the kingdom of Tarumanagara, which flourished between the 4th and 7th century.

It seems that despite the central court beginning to adopt Hindu-Buddhist culture and institution, the majority of common Sundanese still retained their native natural and ancestral worship.

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