Sex maniacs chat room

23-Feb-2020 11:53

Elaine stood aghast, paralysed and blushing crimson as the crumpled wrapping paper floated to the floor.Her roommates elbowed each other then apologised haughtily, explaining that their gift was intended to shame Elaine out of the apartment.The realisation that she now actually owned a vibrator made her tummy flip.After making her way to her bedroom, she slipped it into her bedside drawer and tried to forget about it, dutifully turning to her studies as planned.

Kendra and Chelsea had insisted it felt 'unbelievable,' and Elaine didn't doubt it. She'd heard people could become addicted to vibrators or they could turn into sex maniacs. Elaine was a smart, centred girl; one who knew where she was going...She'd heard of girls described as 'screamers', and they were often called 'sluts' in the same breath. The second date occurred soon after Elaine's seventeenth birthday, when she confidently insisted on a date alone with a boy.

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