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With the help of his friends, James Cooper and BBC Radio 1's Alice Levine, Jamie reads one chapter a week and discovers more about his father than he ever bargained for. A post shared by My Dad Wrote A Porno (@mydadwrotea) on Sexpert, erotica author, and feminist pornographer Tina Horn uses this podcast as her platform for exploring sex, love, gender, and kink through in-depth interviews with people who openly enjoy the fringier things in life.

From discussions of butt selfies to an examination of "sploshing" (AKA deriving pleasure from immersion in a wet or liquid substance), the show's both educational and refreshingly frank.

From raunchy stories, to studies of sex cultures around the world, to sex Q&As and advice, there's more than enough variety on the Internet to pique your interests. One of the most fascinating new sex podcasts out there travels around the globe to take a deeper look into the sex culture of places and societies from Wyoming to Mumbai. If your Dad wrote a naughty book, you'd probably try to pretend it never happened—but not Jamie Morton. Make your day a little bit smuttier with our new podcast which is now LIVE.

Host Chris Sowa takes a research-based, anthropological approach to half-baked ideas you may have Googled before at 2 a.m., like "What's sex like in Iceland? " or "Do used panty vending machines in Japan actually exist? Instead, he decided to read it out loud to the world. Click the link in the description to 'Subscribe' and download the first 2 episodes and to make sure you never miss a new one every Monday!

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