Sex chat by men examples

09-Jun-2020 15:07

A pillow under the bottom’s butt can help to raise his asshole up for easier access and comfort for both parties. The gay missionary position is good for maintaining eye contact and clear communication during anal sex.

You can penetrate your partner slowly and carefully, keeping an eye on the target.

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You should know the person you are sexting to, very well.If you’re versatile (and we encourage you all to be), lucky you, you can do both.In some gay sex positions the top leads the action, and in some the bottom takes the lead. Interested in finding out why some guys are top and some are bottom?If you’re after more anal sex reading, here’s another general guide on how to have anal sex that covers douching, communication, lube and some other stuff.

We’re going to look at gay sex positions from the point of view of a top and a bottom.

Gone are the days when just the look in your partner’s eyes could arouse you sexually, now you have to scintillate your partner’s senses by talking dirty to him/her or in sexting’s case, writing dirty.