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cutting off all contact with) rebellious adult children. The problem real here is that you very likely do not understand the Duggar’s subculture. The Duggars are part of a very specific subculture of the Christian homeschooling world, one dominated by leaders like Doug Phillips of Vision Forum and Bill Gothard of ATI, whose incredibly restrictive teachings and controlling practices have earned them the adjective “cult-like.” These organizations and leaders teach that children must be trained to obey their parents completely, without question, and with a smile; that women are not to have careers and that daughters should be actively discouraged from considering such; that adult daughters must continue to obey their fathers and must marry through parent-controlled courtships; that college attendance is problematic for children of either gender but especially for girls; and that marrying and having large numbers of children is the only godly path available.

In this post I want to write specifically to what I call “Duggar Defenders.” ***** You likely think you know all they need to know about the Duggars from watching the TV show. You assume that they are a typical American family with an extra 16 children. Within the last year, Doug Phillips has been outed for sexually abusing a young female employee and Bill Gothard was exposed for decades of sexually grooming the teenage girls sent to him by their parents for instruction.

There's roughly 35 THOUSAND people attending this university.

Trying to summarize the entire student population's attitude towards dating is silly.

They have four wonderful daughters who with their husbands are all actively serving the Lord.

His ministry, Solve Family Problems, comprised of over 100 DVDs and CDs, reach all over the United States and into many foreign countries. Through that burden God gave him the messages Changing the Heart of a Rebel and Seeds of Disintegration Planted By the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Philosophy. Solve Family Problems is a ministry that strengthens family relationships by helping families prevent or solve problems by watching and applying the principles taught in key, Bible-based messages.

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More than two years ago I wrote a blog post titled My Concerns about the Duggars.

The movement gained widespread exposure following the best-selling response to I Kissed Dating Goodbye, a popular contemporary treatment of Christian courtship by homeschool student Joshua Harris.