Royal albert tea cup dating

15-Apr-2020 07:51

Keely Brown has been a feature writer, arts critic, columnist and business writer since 1998.She has written for publications such as the "Atlanta Journal-Constitution," "Creative Loafing" and "Boulder County Business Report." Brown won a Colorado Press Association Award for journalism and a Best of Atlanta award for her radio program.The father and son duo initially specialized in making bone china tea and breakfast sets, and the company was given a boost when it was chosen to produce memorial pieces for Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee.Today, classic Royal Albert patterns like Old Country Roses, Lady Carlyle, Moonlight Rose, and Lavender Rose remain very popular.

It wasn't until the latter part of the 1800's that the majority of the makers listed below learned how to use bone china for serious production.

The firing temperature needs to be high and so is expensive to produce.