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They're trained to talk their way through volatile situations.They're experts at knowing what makes other people tick. a secret that they agreed to keep to themselves, until Matt revealed it to the entire world during a tense hostage standoff.The public revelation causes friction between Matt, who doesn't take much seriously and relies on gut instinct, and Emily, an academic who analyzes every move.Their relationship also gets them into major trouble with their boss, Cheryl Carrera, head of the Los Angeles CNU, and raises eyebrows among their CNU colleagues, including intelligence officer Lia Mathers.So excited to act and produce with my friend @kerrywashington on this adaption of @pronounced_ing’s #littlefireseverywhere. Stay tuned for more updates #little🔥" Day 1 on this dream project with this amazing cast and crew!

De Witt is set to play Linda Mc Cullough, who is best friends with Witherspoon's Elena Richardson.While Matt and Emily should be split up for being romantically involved, they're too valuable as a team.Together, they're among the best in their field; Cheryl knows ...Mia rents a home from the Richardsons and has a mysterious past that risks upending the placid Shaker Heights community.

Boston Legal is a spin-off of the long-running David E.

star then brought the book to Washington, and together they approached now-showrunner Lauren Neustadter to be apart of the television production.