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If the oral mucosa becomes denuded of its epithelium, a purulent stomatitis may arise with discharge of pus from the ulcerated surface.

The tongue is swollen and thickly furred, indented by the teeth, and ulcerated at its edges.

Constipation must be relieved, and a saline aperient is almost always desirable. Parasitic stomatitis, aptatlmi tlirusli.— This disease has been confounded with the preceding; it is, however, a special form of inflammation of the mouth due to the development in its mucous membrane of a parasitic, fungous growth, the oidiutn albicans.

The indications for treatment are, first, the removal, when possible, of any of the causes enumer- ated above that may be found to exist ; the sharp irri- tating edges of carious teeth must be removed, the smoking of strong cigars forbidden, and errors in food and drink corrected.

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Las details da cat axamplaira qui sont paut-4tra uniquas du point da vua bibliographiqua. ou qui peuvent exiger une modification dans la mithoda normale de filmage sont indiqute ci-dessous. Or the spots may be touched with lapia di- •tmis, which is made by fusing together equal parts of cupric sulphate, alum, and potassic nitrate. Hometimes it is at- tended by vomiting and diarrhcpa.

L and IL PAGE 715 720 739 701 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS Fig. Plenty of fresh air and good sanitaiy surroundings should be secured.

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