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Redneck puns are not only hilarious, but they also contain vast amounts of redneck wisdom with clever word play and lingo.You'll learn how to take common, everyday words and bastardize them into meaning new and exciting things.This is a huge opportunity, despite the pain and destruction we will have to endure under Republican rule. Your reader Bridgit raised a few good points in her critique of my letter, and I would like to rebut them: Bridgit, I actually agree with you.Fox News delves into short-sighted, resentful opinion pieces about Obama too often and for that reason, I refuse to watch it ... The title of this series is, “Will Trump Voters and Clinton Voters Ever Relate?Everything inside us screams out that life is too full of uncertainty, that being so sure is just a fantasy. What is the point of all the data entry, all the math, all the modeling, if when the moment of truth comes we throw our hands up and say, hey, anything can happen.If that’s how we feel, let’s scrap the entire political forecasting industry. Here’s Robert, a reader in Seattle, with another critique of the media, this time from the perspective of a Sanders supporter (“In both foresight and hindsight, Sanders would have been the candidate the country actually wanted most”—defeating Trump).By popular request, today’s Fun Friday challenge is to relate your worst dating story.

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And that might’ve been just odd, except that, according to my friend, he acted totally shocked that SHE DIDN’T DO IT TOO! ” But that wasn’t the crazy thing that stuck with her, and made this story famous in our circle.

That will end up alienating the white working-class Trump voters yet again.