Psp updating to version 4 05

17-Feb-2020 20:14

psp updating to version 4 05-4

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Action codes may be added or updated on returns in the Tax Auditor menu or the Correct or Display Records menu.Reports in the Tax Auditor menu display records using these codes.

Small Business/Self Employed (SB/SE), Large Business and International (LB&I), and Return Preparer Office (RPO) employees who use ERCS.()Beth Haverly Program Manager, Business Re-Engineering Small Business/Self-Employed When there is a need to establish a new AAC in PSP, the AIMS/ERCS Staff adds the AAC using the area PSP range and identifies the code as either a PSP code or a CDE code.

When a suspense type is added to a return, the return may be updated to a status code and the action date may be set based on the number of days as shown in the table below.

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