Process uranium dating

29-Sep-2020 20:30

Here I want to concentrate on another source of error, namely, processes that take place within magma chambers.To me it has been a real eye opener to see all the processes that are taking place and their potential influence on radiometric dating.Recall that olivine is composed of a single tetrahedra and that the other minerals in this sequence are composed of single chains, double chains, and sheet structures, respectively.Ordinarily, these reactions are not complete so that various amounts of each of these minerals may exist at any given time.Radiometric dating is largely done on rock that has formed from solidified lava.Lava (properly called magma before it erupts) fills large underground chambers called magma chambers.This calls the whole radiometric dating scheme into serious question.Geologists assert that older dates are found deeper down in the geologic column, which they take as evidence that radiometric dating is giving true ages, since it is apparent that rocks that are deeper must be older.

The growth of these isotopes in naturally occurring materials at archaeological sites can be used to determine the age of sites.

This reaction will continue until the last mineral in the series, biotite mica, is formed.