Nyt app not updating

04-Feb-2020 16:43

TIP OF THE WEEK The Siri-enabled remote control that comes with the fourth-generation Apple TV can do more than just search for programming content. ” command (which rewinds the last 15 seconds of video and flips on the subtitles for the replay) is often mentioned in reviews, Siri can also take over several functions formerly controlled by the remote’s navigational controls.

For example, you can press the Siri button while watching and issue commands like “Play from the beginning,” “Pause this,” “Turn on closed captioning,” “Skip forward three minutes” and so on.

This just happened with the BBC app and it was not Amazon's fault, the BBC stopped providing their app to Amazon and stopped supporting any app other than the one on Google Play and that was for later Android versions which meant the app would not work on older Fires.

I updated an app after first installing Windows 8, and it updated very quickly. I'm on Verizon FIOS and my internet speed is pretty darn good (download speed 77.96 Mbps upload speed 48.52 Mbps from Virginia to test server in Pennsylvania) so I don't think that is the issue.

While the end of support on Windows may have come as a surprise, The New York Times hasn’t only focused on Windows, and has now also officially shuttered the NY Times Now app for Android and i OS.

As part of its switch to Windows 10 as a “service” that automatically updates itself, Microsoft pushed out its Windows 10 November Update this month.