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24-Sep-2020 08:02

Therefore, don't assume that the seemingly innocent game that you allow your child to play isn't also capable of connecting your kids to complete strangers.

There are a number of proactive steps to take with your kids.

If you continue swearing outside that special chat, you will be banned.

It is not allowed to advertise any apps, events, or any affiliate programms.

Online predators tend to follow certain behavioral patterns to find kids.

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Your privacy is strictly protected by our Privacy Policy: https:// the fact that this space is anonymous and secure, users are obliged to follow the rules.We will never support terrorism, pedophilia, violence, underaged users, pornography, bullying or other restrictive behavior.To protect our loyal customers from violators, we have developed several hundred automatic filters which anonymously analyse millions of messages sent through the app and ban all the inappropriate content.For more details look at the age restrictions shown in the market you downloaded the app.

No one is allowed to act as a user under 18 for any reason including pranks, experiments and jokes.

It can be easy for kids to build relationships and develop trust with those they talk with online. They will use that anonymity to pretend to be something or someone that they aren't just to develop relationships with kids.