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My approach to Kojak in any situation would be my own approach. That's basically true whether I'm portraying a cop or a candlestick maker.[Of his late father, Nick Savalas]: One day he was a millionaire.

The next day, with the Depression, not a penny in his pocket. I used to be a 'Dirty Greek,' But my father used to say to me, 'When you grow up and realize what your heritage means, then they'll need a permit to speak to you.' He was right. I carry my Hellenism like a badge of merit.[Of his mother, Christina Savalas]: Mama says to me, 'Being an actor is fine, but what are you going to do for a living?

Family She is the eldest child of supermodel Maximo Morrone and actress Lucila Solá.

She has 2 half-siblings from father remarriage: half-brother Sky (born February 13, 2014), half-sister Gabi (born September 16, 2015).

He became a TV favorite in the 1970s when his role as Det.

The bald-headed actor played character roles, often as sadistic or psychotic types.

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Theo Kojak on Kojak]: There's no question that experience is more important and rewarding to someone who is an actor.Best Known For Asides her romantic affair with a renowned Hollywood star, Camila is renowned for her Turkey’s edition of Vogue cover feature in 2016, and her debuting runway for Moschino in 2017.