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(2) The governor may return any bill to the legislature with his recommendation for amendment.

The governor shall return a vetoed bill to the legislature with a statement of his reasons therefor.

If two-thirds or more of the members of each house vote to override the veto, the bill shall become law. The governor may grant reprieves, commutations Eoid pardons, restore citizenship, and suspend and remit fines and forfeitures subject to procedures provided by law. He may call out any part or all of the forces to aid in the execution of the laws, suppress insurrection, repel invasion, or protect life and prop- erty in natural disasters. (1) If the governor-elect is dis- qualified or dies, the lieutenant governor-elect upon qualify- ing for the office shall become governor for the full term.

The secretary of state shall poll the mem- bers of the legislature by mail and shall send each member a copy of the governor's veto message. (1) The governor is commander-in- chief of the militia forces of the state, except when they are in the actual service of the United States.

The governor shall not return a bill for amendment a second time.

If the legislature passes the bill in accordance with the governor's recommendation, it shall again return the bill to the governor for his reconsider- ation.

MONTANA 15 CONSTITUTION ARTICLE VI (b) The legislature may reconvene as provided by law to reconsider Euiy bill vetoed by the governor when the legisla- ture is not in session. Whenever the governor con- siders it in the public interest, he may convene the legislature. (2) The militia forces shall consist of all able-bodied citizens of the state except those exempted by law. If the governor-elect fails to assume office for any other reason, the lieutenant governor-elect upon qualifying as such shall serve as acting governor until the governor-elect is able to assume office, or until the office becomes vacant.

Then, a governor and lieuten- ant governor shall be elected to fill the remainder of the original term.

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