Lisa loeb married dating

13-Oct-2019 22:28

While the non-Jewish boyfriends did not thrill her parents, they ultimately brought the agnostic Loeb back to Judaism.

“I realized throughout both relationships I was thinking about getting married and having kids and I wanted my kids to be raised Jewish,” she says.

She also worried the cameras would ruin her life, but she changed her mind upon realizing she could reach out to other single 30-somethings.

Of course, celebrities like Loeb encounter atypical dating woes: At a JDate party some time ago, for example, some people recognized her and “stopped treating me as a peer,” she says.

When mom gushes about a wedding party on the street, Loeb wryly asks, “Is this a setup — a Jewish mother, a single daughter and a bride and groom?

” To become a bride herself, Loeb takes a Manhattan apartment to meet new people (“I’m like a salmon swimming upstream to spawn, although in New York it’s called lox,” she quipped in the first episode this week).

It’s a perfect fit for Loeb, whose songs tend “to be very analytical; to ask questions and to over-question,” she says.

Lisa Anne Loeb (born March 11, 1968) is a Jewish American singer-songwriter and actress.