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11-Aug-2020 18:26

Many Tswana men would have sex with men, but also have wives.Homosexuality was not viewed as an antithesis to heterosexuality.In September 2017, the Botswana High Court ruled that the refusal of the Registrar of National Registration to change a transgender man's gender marker was "unreasonable and violated his constitutional rights to dignity, privacy, freedom of expression, equal protection of the law, freedom from discrimination and freedom from inhumane and degrading treatment".LGBT activists celebrated the ruling, describing it as a great victory.

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Homosexuality has typically been a taboo subject in Botswana, and has been historically seen as a "Western disease" and "un-African", In February 2011, the Deputy Speaker of the Botswana National Assembly, Pono Moatlhodi, responded to a proposal to provide condoms to prison inmates engaging in same-sex sexual acts.The Botswana High Court has been at the forefront of LGBT rights in the country.

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