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24-Jan-2020 07:46

Commissioners take charge of the business in departments, under direction of the superior officials. The research members under direction of the president investigate commercial and other necessary matters.

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The Commissioner- General controls business under direc- tion of the President or the Vice-President. The term of office of the director and the auditor is lor three years. The managers and the investigators are given charge by the president, with the consent cf the board of directors. The managers, under direction of the president, control the business in departments. im Atmm^2:mi ■■■ TAIHOKU SEITO KABU- SHIKI KWAISHA.

Should the Society deem it beneficial in order to carry out the aims above mentioned, it may choose to hold an exhibi- tion or to establish a museum. The Society is termed the ' Hakurankwai Kyokwai,' (Societe des Expositions), and its office is situated at No. The Society may establish branch societies or subdivisions at any place thought necessary. A corporation or an association may be enrolled as a member. The Society may expel, through the decision of the board of councillors, one who has damaged the reputation of the Society or who has committed dishonest acts.