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03-Mar-2020 17:14

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Thankfully, Teigen was a good sport about the whole thing, tweeting: "Plz don't blow anyone it's not that good of a show.Jk it's good but I'll get you tix without the oral." In the end, most of the family, including Brielle, got to see Legend live and enjoy a G-rated meeting with the singer backstage. During the wedding reception, the poo really hit the fan." We're giving her the side eye because her before and after pictures tell a different story, but we'll just have to take her word for it.), Zolciak-Biermann reveals that the relationship with her mother is broken beyond repair.Her tweet read: "@chrissyteigen sooo ur hubby is comin to ATL may19 & Kash is beyond OBSESSED w him!who does Brielle have to blow in order to meet him??LOL." In case you didn't know: Brielle is her child.

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Everyone of those motherf*****s on that couch owe this world a f*****g apology for this racism s**t," Zolciak-Biermann told host Andy Cohen. Nobody bought into it then because the social media wasn't there and racism wasn't f*****g all that real.

"She's kind of tormented me for many years." Karen reportedly extended an olive branch by texting Zolciak-Biermann when her son, Kash, was bitten by the family's dog, but the star was not impressed. [She] could have sent a card." Even though Zolciak-Biermann's daughter, Brielle, has expressed interest in spending time with her grandparents, the reality star has said, "I would never call my mom back in a million years…" magazine). It has nothing to do with the projects or none of that s**t.