Jude law dating cameron diaz

19-Feb-2020 19:29

Jude never missed the opportunity to show his public affection with not so popular women.Kim Hersov is a German actress while Susan Hoecke is a movie editor and he met them both on the acting sets.Jude Law current girlfriend in 2018 is Phillipa Coan and both are in a happy relationship till now.Check his dating profile to know about his ex girlfriends and ex wife.His acting skills got him nominated in most of the coveted awards such as Golden Globe, Academy Award and British Academy Award in supporting and leading role.Some of the best awards for a newcomer were awarded to him during his theater days.Subsequently, the happily married couple filed a divorce and got separated in 29th October 2003.

But their relationship turned sour when he got involved with his children’s nanny Daisy Wright.Some of his popular movies are Gattaca, Enemy at the Gates, Artificial Intelligence, The Grand Budapest Hotel to name a few. Watson in the movie series Sherlock Holmes has gone in the history books as one of the best characters ever played.Apart from acting, he is actively involved in charity fundraising, peace campaigns, and philanthropic works.Jude even issued a public apology but it was too late and they got separated in November 2006.

They had a reunion in 2009 and stayed together until February 2011 before breaking up again.After breaking up with Catherine Harding before a daughter was born to her, Jude moved on to Phillipa Coan who is nearly 13 years younger to him.