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30-Dec-2019 03:24

had an exclusive chat with Jackson to find out why he said, "Enough already! TV Guide Magazine: So, word is, you went to the execs and asked to have your workload lightened and they said they couldn't do it. I think there were logistics that made it difficult for them to keep me around if I wasn't in a big story. The writers have so much to accomplish on a weekly basis that it just wasn't going to be possible to make a significant change like this. The storylines don't stay with me in the sense that I feel personally tormented by what my character is going through, but it does take its toll on me physically and emotionally.TV Guide Magazine: What specifically were you asking for? TV Guide Magazine: But isn't there a happy medium between tearing your guts out every day on air and being on the back burner? TV Guide Magazine: What brought you to the decision not to renew your contract? It's a real energy zapper and there are days when I feel like I have nothing left to give.And if Lucky's so important, how can the writers so easily do without him? And in this medium where you're dealing with a pretty insane amount of dialogue, day in, day out, the collision of a heavy workload and increasing exhaustion can make you a little crazy.I love to work hard but I've been at maximum capacity in terms of mental and emotional output for months on end and it has become too difficult. I have a wife and three kids and other things in life I have to think about.

It was recently announced that Genie Francis is was returning to the series to reprise the role of Laura Spencer as part of Geary’s exit storyline.

“General Hospital” fans can celebrate the return of two characters before bidding goodbye to a third.

Jonathan Jackson and Nathan Parsons are returning to the ABC soap opera for a limited arc to coincide with Anthony Geary’s last days on the daytime drama, insiders close to the show told The Wrap.

In a statement, “General Hospital” executive producer Frank Valentini divulged that the actor “felt it was the right time” to exit the series.

“Tony recently made his intentions clear that he would vacate his role of Luke Spencer this year, and it was a decision he did not come to lightly.

, Jackson is now moving on too, and has been dating actress and host Alyssa Julya Smith.

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