Invalidating environment borderline personality disorder is post dating checks illegal

23-Mar-2020 13:08

The child learns to express his emotions in an extreme way, or completely inhibits or disinhibits them, as this dysfunctional expression grows.People with borderline personality disorder are very sensitive to external experiences because they are afraid of abandonment.To situate ourselves, borderline personality disorder (BPD) is characterized by a rigid and inflexible way of functioning.

Therefore, a biological factor common to all cases of borderline personality disorder has not yet been discovered.

If parents ignore a child or respond in an extreme way to his needs, he will feel that it’s not important to keep living with rejection and without understanding.

The critical environment leads to frustration, anger, sadness and fear becoming part of the child’s personality.

That’s why they respond with great intensity to any emotion, whether anger or joy.

They suffer from a very marked emotional instability that they find difficult to control.This hypersensitivity often results in a very intense and variable response by a person with BPD.

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