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It's pretty much useless, and you can't go any faster with it.--Kawufix , 13 July 2006 (UTC) Well, I know flash step is useful (trust me, I d-style and I dagger flash all the time), but when compared to light step, it isn't much different.Flash step's dashes are by no means faster than light step's.Additionally, the "Plague"'s first version has been already rendered unusable by Maiet, I believe.Unfortunately, a more powerful version of the Locust Plague seems to be under development by its creator 1.Combined "Steps" (Credit goes to Ultima Mo G for telling me! Light Step- [Half Half Step - I believe a small snippet regarding the Locust Plague that is still currently affecting the Internation Version of Gunz should be added (mainly someone who is educated on it).The hacking section of this article was removed for obvious reasons, but an explanation of this hack and its profound effects should be relatively harmless as it is already actively talked about on the Internation Edition's official forums.

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Agent Errors have been around since the beginning of Gunz (or somewhere near that), and especially before the torrented patches.--Kawufix , 7 July 2006 (UTC) Can you guys vote if we can keep my technique? If you get annoyed by the butterfly step or you think it is a lack of honor or you think that glitches are not supposed to be hidden? Because these things are the foundation of the game! --Dabigkid , 13 July 2006 (UTC) Block (which I'm editing in now).

A cancel is one technique that ends another technique quicker - the apex of a jump can't be a cancel, since you're only doing one thing.--Kawufix , 7 July 2006 (UTC) Somebody should say something about the huge problems this game has with NAT traversal, as well as possible fixes. But these things are from people and if you think that its not fair and you think its stupid, well it doesnt matter.