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Fred Wyand, Director of Communications for the American Sexual Health Association and something of a specialist on human papillomavirus (HPV) outreach, commented by phone that while the app's intentions may be good, its execution may carry several risks.""But you also have to understanding that with any testing, there are limitations into how comprehensive they can be, and it’s probably not practical, especially for users with low risk of infection, to be getting tested so widely and so often." While for-profit testing facilities frequently offer long, 'comprehensive' STI panels, he said, many aren't approved for all genders, or are frankly irrelevant in this part of the world."According to Shah's research and "crowd-sourced" input from doctors, the most common reasons for STI infection are improper or failed use of barriers (like having a condom break), oral sex or kissing, one or more partners not having been tested, one or more partners lying about their status, and recent infection that hasn't shown up on tests.  With the app, Shah hopes to address at least some of those issues, and bring awareness to others, while giving users a greater sense of control over their sexual health.

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So an app that promotes such testing in people who don’t really need it because they’re not high risk could do some damage in terms of stigma and fear for people who think they’re infected when they’re not." At the same time, he said, up to 30% of infected persons have negative blood tests, so a negative result does not eliminate risk.  As for Neat Club's additionally required HSV immunoglobulin M (Ig M) test, Handsfield called it "notoriously unreliable," and said it "gives people false positives all the time." Hepatitis A?

Because what seems like a simple solution in  Silicon Valley will frequently turn out, in the real world, to be anything but.