Fossil dating

15-Mar-2020 07:20

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The dating of the fossil puts to rest a decades-long dispute among scientist over what is the oldest fossil found.Using new techniques for aging fossils, scientists have confirmed that 3.5 billion years ago bacteria and microbes were on the planet, possibly before the planet had oxygen.

Fossils arranged chronologically, for instance, can often suggest evolutionary relationships among species.And fossils of the same age demonstrate the distributions of ancient plants and animals around the world.Fortunately, paleontologists today have a number of techniques they can use to answer the question, "How old is it?That is a tiny amount of time in the scheme of things for our planet.

Humans have been around for what seems to be an eternity dating back 3 million years.

The cliff face at the Gran Dolina, a site in the Sierra de Atapuerca in northern Spain, is over 18 meters (59 feet) tall and encompasses 11 distinct layers formed over more than one million years.

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