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02-Feb-2020 18:31

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It’s the cancer in the body of international dating that threatens to kill it.

Falsified communication and fake relationships permeate the body of the paid correspondence scheme.

Even the websites ran by Americans, who claimed dedication to true values of matchmaking, adopted the PPL scheme; that’s the ultimate appeal of effective money-extracting systems. Right now, there are only 3 large Eastern European dating websites that haven’t succumbed to PPL— is one of them.

The reason why paid communication is such a problem is that payments-per-letter destroy dignity and integrity of all participants.

The owner was happy to sell out and the takeover of PPL dating began.

But PPL systems close eyes on agents plugging in bots, which send automatic chat invitations and emails to all men who are online. Automatic sending of invitations (presentation letters or chats, supposedly initiated by girls, but in fact generated by the software) is the main feature allowing websites of paid communication to attract and keep clients. Other PPL sites have a limit of 4 invitations per minute or 200 letters a day.But such “Brides”, who are using their own pictures while chatting to men and know how to keep a man hooked, are not easy to find. Materialistically-inclined pretty girls with the knowledge of English, who can keep a man’s attention, could easily find a sugar daddy in the real world and live happily ever after, rather than entertain a mob of lonely foreign males with love tales. For instance, if a girl has an ailing parent she is looking after, this might be a profitable job for her.

For more information, take a look at our regional dating pages: Scotland, Wales, London, Manchester, Essex, Bristol, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Kent, Isle of Wight and Liverpool.… continue reading »

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As Emily Ngyuen, a Ph D candidate in linguistics at New York University told , “There’s a perception that British English is smarter and maybe that has to do with our idea of British people being smarter regardless of language.” In the same way, Nguyen says, Americans’ ideas of France and Italy as being places of culture, passion, and romance can cause American women to perceive men with those accents as being more cultured, passionate, and romantic.… continue reading »

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However, the Spanish keeps bad time because they fail to add one day to their calendars after crossing the International Date Line (an imaginary line at 180° longitude).… continue reading »

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