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21-Jul-2020 14:41

AFAIK, there was a design decision to be made: either to allow users to change translations from the GUI, or to always override user's translations with files.

Currently the tradeoff is made in favour of being able to manually change translations from the GUI.

FILES=/opt/openerp/mk_MK/*# Database in which to import the files. LANG=mk_MK for f in $FILES do echo "Processing $f file..." # take action on each file.

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Uninstalling and re-installing a module does seem to update some of translations, but not all of them.It helps save time on mundane translation tasks with a lightweight and easy-to-use interface and smart features like pre-translation and machine translation.The license is valid for one user and can be used on up to 3 computers (whether running Windows, mac OS, or Linux), as long as you are the only person using it.Defines whether single quote should be escaped by another single quote or backslash in exported translations.

Poedit provides translators and developers with a powerful and intuitive editor for gettext.

Pro is a one-time purchase with minor updates included; Pro is a subscription with all upgrades free.