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We are very worried where we are going to be in a few months financially as we were just catching up on our bills and now are on this employment roller coaster again." -- Helen, a... (1) Tell President Obama and Congress that pollution weakens our economy and puts our children at risk. After endless weeks of watching Congress bicker and storm out of negotiations, the words of the immortal pigeon in Mo Willem's children's book echoes in my mind... " Because after that whole crazy ride, we have arrived at a debt ceiling deal that does not come close to reflecting the priorities of America's families. The debt deal provides that a new Congressional super committee will be appointed by Congress to propose additional deficit reduction measures, including cuts to programs, over the next ten years. The current default crisis reminds me of a never-ending game of Chutes and Ladders. A default would have devastating consequences for children, families, and communities. *Sign on to a letter now to tell your members of Congress to stop the madness and do right by our country: Default Crisis/ By signing on above, you'll be part of a growing... Today I had the opportunity to represent Moms Rising at a meeting with White House officials about cancer prevention.Sometimes when I open the newspaper, I feel like throwing it right back out to the curb. Just when you are full of glee thinking that you're making progress, you fall precipitously down a chute to square one. Your signatures were delivered along with those from other organizations who are also members of the Safer Chemicals Healthy Families Coalition .One of my earliest baking memories is sifting flour and making this sponge cake with my Nan. The fewer ingredients, the more precise you need to be and the more care you have to take, but when the super-light and fluffy cakes come out of the oven, you’ll be rewarded!

But what gets me is that some of the same members of Congress who advocate for budgeting like families are--at the same time!Norton has also worked in international development, serving as the Rule of Law Program Officer at U. Agency for International Development in Moscow, Russia in 1994-95, conducting research on dowry related violence at the Indian Law Institute, and speaking at numerous conferences and events in Russia while her husband served as U. Watch our fun, boxing-gloves-on, voting-music-turned-up, brand-new #Cant Wait2Vote video and then share it on Facebook and tag 3-5 people to be in your #Voting Squad!***And pass it on too: Once you tag your friends, ask them to share the video and tag 3-5 more people…want as many people as possible to make a plan to vote and then go out and vote on (or...If you are like me, your weekend to-do lists are just as formidable as your to-do lists during the week.

Here is a sample of mine: Make caterpillar cake for my son’s birthday (the only craft I have mastered) Figure out what that fuzzy thing is growing in my bathroom shower Save America’s health care!!! No single person can save America’s health care alone--that’s too a big lift. The good news is that if we each put this on our to-do lists this weekend, then saving America’s health care is a lift we can accomplish together. We have bad news to share and an URGENT need for you to take action ASAP to help save health care. Tell the Senate Republicans to stop attacking families by threatening the health of our children and communities in order to give tax cuts to the wealthy . It’s not news to moms that kids who are struggling socially or who feel unsafe are unlikely to enjoy and thrive in school.In contrast, students who lacked these “social and emotional competence” skills were more likely to have substance abuse problems, difficulty...