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14-Mar-2020 21:50

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A man in Russia is responsible for earning money and providing a decent life, and a woman is regarded as the mistress and mother.

Nowadays, many women use every opportunity to get a good education, find a good job and build a career.

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And if you try to impress a Russian woman with your wealth, you will get a negative reaction.

Russian girls will show that the wealth of your soul is much more important than the size of your bank account.

They love to dress up and take care of their appearance, they always want to look great!Have you ever wondered why foreigners prefer to date Russian women online or in real life? For many people, Russia is a distant, cold and gloomy country. The thing is that the most beautiful women live in Russia, but not only this fact makes a foreigner give preference to the Russian woman.Here are 10 best reasons for Dating Russian Girl and marry Russian women, described by a foreigner.They attach great importance to romance, love when men give flowers and read poems.

If a Russian woman loves, there are no rules for her, she falls in love once and for all her life.

While websites offering Russian girls for dating arrived quite long ago, they are unable to save western men from committing dating mistakes.