Dating right after breakup

29-Oct-2019 06:03

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You’re using the New Person as a Distraction The last thing a codependent wants to do is look at themselves.They’re so good at turning the spotlight on other people and giving their assessment of what’s wrong with them, but they’re terrible at turning it on themselves.We like what we know and these feelings, even if they’re dysfunctional, feel like home.This is the Time to Fix What Ails You If you keep bouncing from one relationship to the other without doing any self-work, don’t be surprised if you keep attracting the same type of person.You agree to go out again and everything seems fine.

My long term Narcissist was a white collar worker and had long dark hair, bronze skin and dark eyes.The main problem is that your ability to be in romantic relationships is impaired and you can’t fix your relationship issues, while you are in a relationship with anyone.

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