Dating red and white enamelware

25-May-2020 18:06

If the process is done well, the result can be a strikingly colorful and even sparkling hard surface with translucent depth that looks unusual compared to simple painted ceramics or lacquer ware.

Initially, craftspeople in the Ming Empire mainly created cloisonné artwork on metal objects such as brass or bronze vases, kettles, or other objects.

But it isn't known when the craft was first practiced.

Cao Zhao described cloisonné in his book, ("Essential Criteria of Antiquities"). During the reign of Emperor Jingtai (1449-1457), Chinese cloisonné reached a high level of beauty and craftsmanship.

Later, in 1915, during the early years of the Republic of China, Chinese cloisonné again won first prize at the Panama World’s Fair.

Cloisonné decorated objects are still made in China.

Fine cloisonné wares were also fashioned in the Qing Empire (1664-1911).

Collectors and experts generally say the quality was less than the products from the Ming era.

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Early Arabic and Byzantine artisans made colored mosaics and decorated metal objects and other heat resistant objects.

Gold objects decorated with cloisonné artwork were highly valued by the Qing court.

Chinese cloisonné ware won first prize at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.

We can arrange a tour of cloisonné crafts factories and shops.

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We offer a Traditional Chinese Handicraft Tour in Beijing that we can modify for you to visit cloisonné crafts houses and shops around Beijing.

Cloisonné is an art technique that is mainly used to decorate metal objects or ceramics.

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