Dating pop bottles

25-Sep-2019 06:56

It is helpful to any collector to understand the Company's history, particularly in spotting fake material.

For instance, if something purports to be an 1890s calendar and has a bottle in it, that's a pretty strong giveaway.

People who've found a 1920 bottle are often disappointed to learn that the contour bottles the Company began making in 1915 were produced in such large quantities that the dollar value as a collectible may remain relatively low today.

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Competition for these valuable 19th century items is intense, but there are still many collecting niches that are affordable, depending on your personal interests.As with any undertaking where large sums of money can be involved, you can expect to find counterfeit items, even in the wholesome world of Company aggressively seeks to stop counterfeiters, but there are bogus items in the marketplace.