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Stay Inside the App The chat function inside a dating app is a beautiful place.

Oftentimes, it doesn’t permit users to send photos or links—just text messages, gifs, and emoji.

In the worst, a harasser or stalker could continue trying to communicate with you even after you block them.

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Welcome to the delightful (and sometimes horrifying) world of dating apps.I fell in love with asking people to photograph their portrait, I fell in love with how beautiful all of us are in our very own way.And then more recently, it took me a little by surprise, I was hired twice by clients who wanted high quality photos for their dating website profile.But at the same time, your Facebook profile might contain information you don’t want strangers to know about you right away, such as your employer or where you went to school.

While almost all dating apps display only your first name coupled with your job and alma mater, that could be enough to find you elsewhere on the internet.

Some apps, like Tinder, allow you to fully integrate your Instagram account, letting potential matches check out your entire profile.