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21-Nov-2019 16:34

The former glamour model posed nude and topless for a number of magazines and shot to fame on her own terms before she married the American businessman, Donald Trump.Cassandra (aka Busty Cassandra) or Andreja Jelen is a retired Slovenia porn star who worked on a lot of German and American DVD titles.Popular adult tube site, Pornhub, regularly produces annual statistics on the porn viewing trends for countries visiting its site.The last time that data was available for Slovenia covers the 2016 period and reveals the following trends.Traditionalists at heart, the population can be characterised by their patriotism, resourcefulness, creativity and good education.

Though they share a history with Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenians have a very unique culture that blends their rich past with modernity.

Bordered by Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Austria, Slovenia is influenced by both Eastern and Western Europe.