Dating in 19th century america

28-Sep-2020 18:36

Courtship in the Victorian Age: Calling Cards, Visits and Chaperones (1837-1901) Respectable behavior and strict courtship rituals were the hallmarks of Victorian romance.Men were expected to marry within the same class to preserve their family’s social standing; courting a woman from a family “above” or “below” his own class standing was frowned upon.Dance halls and theaters encouraged group socializing between men and women, and dating became a way to build popularity and social standing.Certain behavioral norms – for example, men should pay for dates, dating many different people before marriage – became popular.Marrying for love was pure fantasy and relegated to works of popular fiction.Set in Yonkers, New York, just before the turn of the 20 addresses a pivotal time in courtship’s history: “dating” as we currently know it didn’t yet exist, and America’s constantly shifting class mobility made traditional courtship difficult.

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Looking back at the evolution of courting customs in America over the last two centuries sheds light on the factors that would have influenced Vandergelder’s search.She would notify the lucky gentleman by giving him her own card requesting that he escort her home.