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One can affirm the veracity of evolution (as I certainly do), but disagree about the moral quality of that process.” He is responding to Barash’s age-old but succinctly put argument: “Theological answers range from claiming that suffering provides the option of free will to announcing (as in the Book of Job) that God is so great and we so insignificant that we have no right to ask.But just a smidgen of biological insight makes it clear that, although the natural world can be marvelous, it is also filled with ethical horrors: predation, parasitism, fratricide, infanticide, disease, pain, old age and death — and that suffering (like joy) is built into the nature of things.why — there is, by definition, no way for biology to uncover anything “supernatural! “Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.” Just because God has not been found, this does not prove that God cannot be found. Many good Christians believe quite strongly that humans are categorically different than the rest of the animals in many, many ways. The existence of a vast technological and material culture (that is, the existence of stuff like computers) tricks us into thinking that we are something that we are not–we are not aliens from another world.In short, evolutionary biology has done what Barash wrote: “Before Darwin, one could believe that human beings were distinct from other life-forms, chips off the old divine block. The most potent take-home message of evolution is the not-so-simple fact that, even though species are identifiable (just as individuals generally are), there is an underlying linkage among them — literally and phylogenetically, via traceable historical connectedness.

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The point of my response to Horan’s response lay in these two critiques.

Bonaventure University, the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College, and at Catholic Theological Union. Bonaventure University His current work focuses on postmodern thought and the use of medieval Franciscan thinkers like John Duns Scotus as well as the authentic retrieval of their thought for contemporary theological inquiry; the life, work and thought of Thomas Merton; and contemporary systematic and constructive theologies.

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