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06-Aug-2020 02:54

Okay so this guy on Reddit wins the "CUTEST EVER" award after he revealed to the internet that he thinks he might be inadvertently dating his best mate.

When he came back he told me he identified a new type of thing (I’m being vague, his major is weirdly specific). He drove us to the top of a mountain, and we climbed into the back seat and just laid there together for hours.• While we’re in college, he sends me cute messages.We would hang out at each other’s houses doing homework and watching cartoons after school a lot. Ian and I attend different colleges, but we talk everyday. I’m not on Ian’s level of attractiveness, but I’m pretty confident these days. Not gonna lie; my heart did embarrassing things the first time that happened. I don’t have a gender preference and my friends know this.Lately I’ve been wondering if Ian and I are more than just good friends at this point. At first I noticed that he was uncomfortable when I’d touch him so I didn’t. When we’re alone, he’ll move next to me and put his head on my shoulder. Now we’re physical all the time-not sexually, but he’ll lean against me if we’re standing together, or put his arm around my shoulder.• At first when we slept over one of us would sleep on the floor or couch or something. I woke up before him and just thought about how nice this was, and how lucky I was. Ian has always been vague about his orientation.• We go places alone a lot, like the beach.Never share personal data like addresses, and most importantly don’t meet anyone in private.

Always go to a public place, and with a friend if possible. Also, “too cool” my ass-Ian’s a fucking nerd, just like me.