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16-Oct-2020 03:41

“You don’t want to be blindsided later.” The good news is your partner’s debt incurred before marriage won’t become yours.It’s the debt you acquire while you’re married that can affect your credit (knowing whether or not you live in a community property state doesn’t hurt either). This list is applicable whether you are single, married, have no kids, or tons of them. You can be a total Scrooge when it comes to spending money and still date while you’re in debt.If this is someone you truly want to spend your life with, focus on encouragement and guidance rather than shame and anger.“Your sweetheart may have valid reasons for prior money troubles,” Rind says.Relationships are about trust, but only a fool starts trusting without a good reason.

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This doesn’t mean all hope is lost if you’re already married when your partner comes clean about his or her debt — it’s still completely possible to tackle the debt together, but having a mutually agreed upon plan that both of you can stick to should be a priority.

If your boyfriend admits he’s paying off loans, ask him for the total. When people feel attacked, that’s when they’re tempted to start lying.

Most of us have made poor financial decisions, so try to be as understanding as possible.

You can find a free copy at, which will show if there’s a pattern of late payments, high balances, collections, judgments or even worse — bankruptcy. ” when she orders dessert is akin to saying, “You shouldn’t be eating that, and I’ll judge you if you do.” Paying off debt is a process.

Giving side-eyes when your girlfriend is buying a new pair of shoes won’t make her more financially responsible. As long as your partner is making progress and learning from their mistakes, lay off the judgment.We do our best to go on a date at least once a week, even if it is something as simple as turning a movie on and snuggling at home or playing a board game while our babe is asleep. So you see, dating is still possible even if you are broke.

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