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13-Oct-2019 18:48

But some of the language and theology point to a much later date, from an unknown author using Paul's name. For the events described in the Hebrew Bible, see Chronology of the Bible.If you think you would enjoy the story of a woman struggling in a fundamentalist setting, and her journey into being at peace with her faith, then I recommend it.

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That means we share your Christian faith and values. "Without your site, I probably would have not met my husband of four years.We had similar observations, but at the same time very This book was really good.It seems we've slipped from humorous-memoir-with-a-message I spent the first part of this book wishing I could bring myself to highlight in books that are not textbooks. My only real problem with this book was my own expectations. In short - I liked her better as a Church of Christ member!Thank you so much, marriage is such a wonderful blessing that you have helped make happen!

" "I have always asked God that when I met the man I would marry, I would know it immediately and there would be no games, no confusion, no nonsense.By the age of twelve, Susan Campbell had been flirting with Jesus for some time, and in her mind, Jesus had been flirting back.