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Brooks so that Brooks will teach him about the art of murder.This was Hollywood’s half-hearted effort to illustrate that Cook could act, but it was an embarrassing performance in a trashy thriller that opened against Knocked Up and the second week of a Pirates of the Caribbean film.As news spreads he's a dentist in demand, but soon becomes tired of the burden when he meets sweet but accident-prone penguin fanatic Cam (Alba).But how long can he resist dipping the wick, now that he knows it will spell the end of their relationship?That is, women will find their "one true love" after having sex with him.He then meets a girl who he thinks is his true love.

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The cracking performances from Alba and Cook do wonders at papering over these creative fissures.

is that Cook’s character, Chuck, had a curse placed on him as a 12-year-old for refusing to kiss a goth girl. The curse dictates that every woman who sleeps with Chuck will immediately break up with him and marry the next man who asks her out.

Finally, Cassandra Ferguson, who was sent home unceremoniously in advance of the rose ceremony (see what we did there?

They certainly look like they're having fun and this translates over to the audience too, meaning a vested interest in how the screen couple fare.

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Dan Fogler is also fun to watch as Chuck's quirky sidekick Stu.

A prologue set when Charlie 'Chuck' Logan (Cook) is a child sets up the very contrived central conceit behind the plot – namely that a goth girl has placed a hex on him for refusing to make out with her during a game of spin the bottle.