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25-Jul-2020 16:31

Due to the increasing interest in Web quality, usability and user experience, quality models and frameworks have become a prominent research area as a first step in evaluating them.

The ISO 25010/25012 standards were recently issued which specify and evaluate software and data quality requirements.

A usability model is a hierarchical structure encompassing the key elements such as users, user interface and interaction between them.

It is a generic template which is independent of usability evaluation methods and provides flexibility for adaptation in different contexts and domains.

Often, as regards usability issues, a developer who does not know the specific needs of the people mistakenly approaches the software design guidelines.

This research is particularly relevant because users with medical conditions assign weight to software features that usability experts consider important.

Up to now, only a few software quality models address the usability evaluation and measurement in a detailed and structured way.

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This usability model is validated first, through a human work analysis using videos of selected tasks with medical user interfaces and then, with an overview of critical factors affecting medical user interfaces in ICU. ACM SIGCAPH Computers and the Physically Handicapped.